Source code for stonesoup.metricgenerator.basicmetrics

from .base import MetricGenerator
from ..types.metric import TimeRangeMetric
from ..types.time import TimeRange

from ..base import Property

[docs] class BasicMetrics(MetricGenerator): """Calculates simple metrics like number of tracks, truth and ratio of track-to-truth""" generator_name: str = Property(doc="Unique identifier to use when accessing generated " "metrics from MultiManager", default='basic_generator') tracks_key: str = Property(doc='Key to access set of tracks added to MetricManager', default='tracks') truths_key: str = Property(doc="Key to access set of ground truths added to MetricManager. " "Or key to access a second set of tracks for track-to-track " "metric generation", default='groundtruth_paths')
[docs] def compute_metric(self, manager, *args, **kwargs): """Compute the metric using the data in the metric manager Parameters ---------- manager : MetricManager containing the data to be used to create the metric(s) Returns ------- : list of :class:`~.Metric` Contains the metric information """ tracks = self._get_data(manager, self.tracks_key) track_or_truth = self._get_data(manager, self.truths_key) metrics = [] # Make a list of all the unique timestamps used timestamps = {state.timestamp for state in tracks} timestamps |= {state.timestamp for path in track_or_truth for state in path} # Number of tracks metrics.append(TimeRangeMetric( title='Number of targets', value=len(track_or_truth), time_range=TimeRange( start=min(timestamps), end=max(timestamps)), generator=self)) metrics.append(TimeRangeMetric( title='Number of tracks', value=len(tracks), time_range=TimeRange( start=min(timestamps), end=max(timestamps)), generator=self)) metrics.append(TimeRangeMetric( title='Track-to-target ratio', value=len(tracks) / len(track_or_truth), time_range=TimeRange( start=min(timestamps), end=max(timestamps)), generator=self)) return metrics