Source code for stonesoup.hypothesiser.base

import datetime
from typing import Set, Sequence

from ..base import Base
from ..types.detection import Detection
from ..types.hypothesis import Hypothesis
from ..types.track import Track

[docs] class Hypothesiser(Base): """Hypothesiser base class Given a track and set of detections, generate hypothesis of association. """
[docs] def hypothesise(self, track: Track, detections: Set[Detection], timestamp: datetime.datetime, **kwargs) -> Sequence[Hypothesis]: """Hypothesise track and detection association Parameters ---------- track : Track Track which hypotheses will be generated for. detections : set of :class:`~.Detection` Detections used to generate hypotheses. timestamp : datetime.datetime A timestamp used when evaluating the state and measurement predictions. Note that if a given detection has a non empty timestamp, then prediction will be performed according to the timestamp of the detection. Returns ------- : sequence of :class:`~.Hypothesis` Ordered sequence of "best" to "worse" hypothesis. """ raise NotImplementedError