Source code for stonesoup.types.update

from typing import Sequence

from .base import Type
from .hypothesis import Hypothesis, CompositeHypothesis
from .mixture import GaussianMixture
from .state import CreatableFromState, CompositeState
from .state import State, GaussianState, ParticleState, EnsembleState, \
    SqrtGaussianState, InformationState, CategoricalState
from ..base import Property

[docs]class Update(Type, CreatableFromState): """ Update type The base update class. Updates are returned by :class:'~.Updater' objects and contain the information that was used to perform the updating""" hypothesis: Hypothesis = Property(doc="Hypothesis used for updating")
[docs]class StateUpdate(Update, State): """ StateUpdate type Most simple state update type, where everything only has time and a state vector. Requires a prior state that was updated, and the hypothesis used to update the prior. """
[docs]class GaussianStateUpdate(Update, GaussianState): """ GaussianStateUpdate type This is a simple Gaussian state update object, which, as the name suggests, is described by a Gaussian distribution. """
[docs]class SqrtGaussianStateUpdate(Update, SqrtGaussianState): """ SqrtGaussianStateUpdate type This is equivalent to a Gaussian state update object, but with the covariance of the Gaussian distribution stored in matrix square root form. """
[docs]class GaussianMixtureUpdate(Update, GaussianMixture): """ GaussianMixtureUpdate type This is a Gaussian mixture update object, which, as the name suggests, is described by a Gaussian mixture. """
[docs]class ParticleStateUpdate(Update, ParticleState): """ParticleStateUpdate type This is a simple Particle state update object. """
[docs]class EnsembleStateUpdate(Update, EnsembleState): """EnsembleStateUpdate type This is a simple Ensemble state update object. """
[docs]class InformationStateUpdate(Update, InformationState): """ InformationUpdate type This is a simple Information state update object, which, as the name suggests, is described by a precision matrix and its corresponding state vector. """
[docs]class CategoricalStateUpdate(Update, CategoricalState): """Categorical state prediction type"""
[docs]class CompositeUpdate(Update, CompositeState): """Composite update type Composition of :class:`~.Update`. """ sub_states: Sequence[Update] = Property( doc="Sequence of sub-updates comprising the composite update. All sub-updates must have " "matching timestamp. Must not be empty.") hypothesis: CompositeHypothesis = Property(doc="Hypothesis used for updating")