Source code for stonesoup.types.particle

from typing import Sequence

from ..base import Property
from .array import StateVector
from .base import Type

[docs] class Particle(Type): """ Particle type A particle type which contains a state and weight """ state_vector: StateVector = Property(doc="State vector") weight: float = Property(doc='Weight of particle') parent: 'Particle' = Property(default=None, doc='Parent particle') def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) if self.parent: self.parent.parent = None if self.state_vector is not None and not isinstance(self.state_vector, StateVector): self.state_vector = StateVector(self.state_vector) @property def ndim(self): return self.state_vector.shape[0]
[docs] class MultiModelParticle(Particle): """ Particle type A MultiModelParticle type which contains a state, weight and the dynamic_model """ dynamic_model: int = Property(doc='Assigned dynamic model') parent: 'MultiModelParticle' = Property(default=None, doc='Parent particle')
[docs] class RaoBlackwellisedParticle(Particle): """ Particle type A RaoBlackwellisedParticle type which contains a state, weight, dynamic_model and associated model probabilities """ model_probabilities: Sequence[float] = Property( doc="The dynamic probabilities of changing models") parent: 'RaoBlackwellisedParticle' = Property(default=None, doc='Parent particle')