Source code for stonesoup.types.mixture

import copy
from collections import abc
from typing import MutableSequence

import numpy as np

from ..base import Property
from ..functions import gm_reduce_single
from .base import Type
from .array import StateVectors
from .numeric import Probability
from .state import GaussianState, TaggedWeightedGaussianState, WeightedGaussianState

[docs] class GaussianMixture(Type, abc.MutableSequence): """ Gaussian Mixture type Represents the target space through a Gaussian Mixture. Individual Gaussian components are contained in a :class:`list` of :class:`WeightedGaussianState`. """ components: MutableSequence[WeightedGaussianState] = Property( default=None, doc="""The initial list of :class:`WeightedGaussianState` components. Default `None` which initialises with empty list.""") def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) if self.components is None: self.components = [] if any(not isinstance(component, (WeightedGaussianState, TaggedWeightedGaussianState)) for component in self.components): raise ValueError("Cannot form GaussianMixtureState out of " "non-WeightedGaussianState inputs!") if len({component.timestamp for component in self.components}) > 1: raise ValueError("All components must have the same timestamp") def __contains__(self, index): # check if 'components' contains any WeightedGaussianState # matching 'index' if isinstance(index, WeightedGaussianState): return index in self.components else: raise ValueError("Index must be WeightedGaussianState") def __getitem__(self, index): # retrieve WeightedGaussianState by array index return self.components[index] def __setitem__(self, index, value): if not isinstance(value, (WeightedGaussianState, TaggedWeightedGaussianState)): raise ValueError("Cannot form GaussianMixtureState out of " "non-WeightedGaussianState inputs!") return self.components.__setitem__(index, value) def __delitem__(self, value): return self.components.__delitem__(value) def __len__(self): return len(self.components) def __copy__(self): inst = self.__class__.__new__(self.__class__) inst.__dict__.update(self.__dict__) property_name = self.__class__.components._property_name inst.__dict__[property_name] = copy.copy(self.__dict__[property_name]) return inst
[docs] def insert(self, index, value): if not isinstance(value, (WeightedGaussianState, TaggedWeightedGaussianState)): raise ValueError("Cannot form GaussianMixtureState out of " "non-WeightedGaussianState inputs!") return self.components.insert(index, value)
@property def ndim(self): if len(self.components): return self.components[0].ndim return 0 @property def means(self): return StateVectors([component.mean for component in self.components]) @property def covars(self): return np.stack([component.covar for component in self.components], axis=2) @property def weights(self): return np.asarray([component.weight for component in self.components]) @property def state_vector(self): return self.mean @property def mean(self): means = self.means weights = self.weights / Probability.sum(self.weights) return np.average(means, axis=1, weights=weights) @property def covar(self): _, covar = gm_reduce_single(self.means, self.covars, self.weights) return covar @property def timestamp(self): """Timestamp""" return next((component.timestamp for component in self.components), None) @property def component_tags(self): component_tags = set() if all(isinstance(component, TaggedWeightedGaussianState) for component in self.components): for component in self.components: component_tags.add(component.tag) else: raise ValueError("All components must be " "TaggedWeightedGaussianState!") return component_tags