Source code for stonesoup.sensor.gas

from typing import Set, Union

import numpy as np

from .sensor import Sensor
from ..base import Property
from ..types.detection import TrueDetection
from ..types.groundtruth import GroundTruthState
from ..models.measurement.gas import IsotropicPlume
from ..types.numeric import Probability

[docs] class GasIntensitySensor(Sensor): """A simple gas sensor that measures the concentration of gas at the location of the sensor. It implements the :class:`~.IsotropicPlume` model for calculating concentration. """ min_noise: float = Property( default=1e-4, doc="The minimum noise added to sensor measurements" ) standard_deviation_percentage: float = Property( default=0.5, doc="Standard deviation as a percentage of the concentration level" ) missed_detection_probability: Probability = Property( default=0.1, doc="The probability that the detection has detection has been affected by turbulence " "and therefore not sensed the gas." ) sensing_threshold: float = Property( default=1e-4, doc="Measurement threshold. Should be set high enough to minimise false detections." )
[docs] def measure(self, ground_truths: Set[GroundTruthState], noise: Union[np.ndarray, bool] = True, **kwargs) -> Set[TrueDetection]: """Generate a measurement for a given state Parameters ---------- ground_truths : Set[:class:`~.GroundTruthState`] A set of :class:`~.GroundTruthState` noise: :class:`numpy.ndarray` or bool An externally generated random process noise sample (the default is `True`, in which case :meth:`~.Model.rvs` is used; if `False`, no noise will be added). If `False`, the :attr:`sensing_threshold` and :attr:`missed_detection_probability` are not considered. Returns ------- Set[:class:`~.TrueDetection`] A set of measurements generated from the given states. The timestamps of the measurements are set equal to that of the corresponding states that they were calculated from. Each measurement stores the ground truth path that it was produced from. """ measurement_model = self.measurement_model detections = set() for truth in ground_truths: measurement_vector = measurement_model.function(truth, noise=noise, **kwargs) detection = TrueDetection(measurement_vector, measurement_model=measurement_model, timestamp=truth.timestamp, groundtruth_path=truth) detections.add(detection) return detections
@property def measurement_model(self): return IsotropicPlume(min_noise=self.min_noise, standard_deviation_percentage=self.standard_deviation_percentage, translation_offset=self.position, missed_detection_probability=self.missed_detection_probability, sensing_threshold=self.sensing_threshold)