Source code for stonesoup.smoother.base

from abc import abstractmethod

from ..base import Base, Property
from ..models.transition import TransitionModel

[docs] class Smoother(Base): r"""Smoother Base Class (Fixed interval) Smoothers in general are used to infer a state, or series of states, :math:`\mathbf{x}_k` from measurements :math:`\mathbf{z}_{1:K}` where :math:`k < K`. The calculation is forward-backward in nature. The forward algorithm is "standard" filtering, provided by other Stone Soup components. The Smoother's input is therefore a :class:`~.Track` (created by whatever means) The :meth:`smooth` function undertakes the backward algorithm. """ transition_model: TransitionModel = Property(default=None, doc="Transition Model.") @abstractmethod def smooth(self, *args, **kwargs): raise NotImplementedError