Source code for stonesoup.simulator.platform

from typing import Sequence

from ..base import Property
from ..reader import GroundTruthReader
from .base import DetectionSimulator
from ..buffered_generator import BufferedGenerator
from ..platform import Platform

[docs] class PlatformDetectionSimulator(DetectionSimulator): """A simple platform detection simulator. Processes ground truth data and generates :class:`~.Detection` data according to a list of platforms by calling each sensor in these platforms. """ groundtruth: GroundTruthReader = Property( doc='Source of ground truth tracks used to generate detections for.') platforms: Sequence[Platform] = Property( doc='List of platforms in :class:`~.Platform` to generate sensor detections from.')
[docs] @BufferedGenerator.generator_method def detections_gen(self): for time, truths in self.groundtruth: # Move platforms and carry out sensor actions. for platform in self.platforms: platform.move(time) for sensor in platform.sensors: sensor.act(time) # Make measurements from sensors for platform in self.platforms: for sensor in platform.sensors: truths_to_be_measured = truths.union(self.platforms) - {platform} detections = sensor.measure(truths_to_be_measured) yield time, detections