Source code for stonesoup.initiator.categorical

from .base import Initiator
from ..base import Property
from ..types.hypothesis import SingleHypothesis
from ..types.state import CategoricalState
from ..types.track import Track
from ..updater.categorical import HMMUpdater

[docs] class SimpleCategoricalMeasurementInitiator(Initiator): """Initiator that creates tracks in a categorical state space. Uses state updates from an :class:`HMMUpdater` to initialise new tracks. Initialises a new track on every detection received. """ prior_state: CategoricalState = Property(doc="Prior state information") updater: HMMUpdater = Property(doc="Hidden Markov model updater")
[docs] def initiate(self, detections, *args, **kwargs): """Create a new track for each detection. Updating the :attr:`prior-state` with a detection to start-off a new track. """ tracks = set() for detection in detections: hypothesis = SingleHypothesis(prediction=self.prior_state, measurement=detection) update = self.updater.update(hypothesis) tracks.add(Track([update])) return tracks