Source code for stonesoup.gater.filtered

from .base import Gater
from ..base import Property

[docs] class FilteredDetectionsGater(Gater): """Wrapper for Hypothesisers - filters input data Wrapper for any type of hypothesiser - filters the 'detections' before they are fed into the hypothesiser. """ metadata_filter: str = Property( doc="Metadata attribute used to filter which detections tracks are valid for association.") match_missing: bool = Property( default=True, doc="Match detections with missing metadata. Default 'True'.")
[docs] def hypothesise(self, track, detections, *args, **kwargs): """ Parameters ========== track : :class:`Track` A track that contains the target's state detections : list of :class:`Detection` Retrieved measurements Returns ======= : :class:`MultipleHypothesis` A list containing the hypotheses between each prediction-detections pair. Note: The specific subclass of :class:`SingleHypothesis` returned depends on the :class:`Hypothesiser` used. """ track_metadata = track.metadata.get(self.metadata_filter) if (track_metadata is None) and self.match_missing: match_detections = detections else: match_metadata = [track_metadata] if self.match_missing: match_metadata.append(None) match_detections = { detection for detection in detections if detection.metadata.get( self.metadata_filter) in match_metadata} return self.hypothesiser.hypothesise( track, match_detections, *args, **kwargs)