Source code for stonesoup.feeder.track

import numpy as np

from stonesoup.types.detection import GaussianDetection
from stonesoup.feeder.base import DetectionFeeder
from stonesoup.models.measurement.linear import LinearGaussian
from ..buffered_generator import BufferedGenerator

[docs] class Tracks2GaussianDetectionFeeder(DetectionFeeder): ''' Feeder consumes Track objects and outputs GaussianDetection objects. At each time step, the :attr:`Reader` feeds in a set of live tracks. The feeder takes the most recent state from each of those tracks, and turn them into a set of :class:`~.GaussianDetection` objects. Each detection is given a :class:`~.LinearGaussian` measurement model whose covariance is equal to the state covariance. The feeder assumes that the tracks are all live, that is each track has a state at the most recent time step. ''' @BufferedGenerator.generator_method def data_gen(self): for time, tracks in self.reader: detections = [] for track in tracks: dim = len(track.state.state_vector) detections.append( GaussianDetection.from_state( track.state, measurement_model=LinearGaussian( dim, list(range(dim)), np.asarray(track.covar)), target_type=GaussianDetection) ) yield time, detections