Source code for stonesoup.deleter.multi

"""Contains deleters which use a composite of deleters to decide whether a track is to be deleted

from typing import Collection

from ..base import Property
from .base import Deleter

[docs] class CompositeDeleter(Deleter): """ Track deleter composed of multiple deleters. If :attr:`intersect` is True, deletes tracks if they satisfy the deletion conditions of each deleter listed in :attr:`deleters`. Otherwise deletes tracks if they satisfy the conditions of at least one deleter listed. """ deleters: Collection[Deleter] = Property(doc="List of deleters to be applied to the track") intersect: bool = Property( default=True, doc="Boolean that determines whether the composite deleter will intersect or unify " "deletion results. Default is `True`, applying an intersection.")
[docs] def check_for_deletion(self, track, **kwargs): if self.intersect: for deleter in self.deleters: if not deleter.check_for_deletion(track, **kwargs): return False return True else: for deleter in self.deleters: if deleter.check_for_deletion(track, **kwargs): return True return False