Source code for stonesoup.deleter.error

"""Contains collection of error based deleters"""
from typing import Sequence

import numpy as np

from ..base import Property
from .base import Deleter

[docs] class CovarianceBasedDeleter(Deleter): """ Track deleter based on covariance matrix size. Deletes tracks whose state covariance matrix (more specifically its trace) exceeds a given threshold. """ covar_trace_thresh: float = Property(doc="Covariance matrix trace threshold") mapping: Sequence[int] = Property(default=None, doc="Track state vector indices whose corresponding " "covariances' sum is to be considered. Defaults to" "None, whereby the entire track covariance trace is " "considered.")
[docs] def check_for_deletion(self, track, **kwargs): """Check if a given track should be deleted A track is flagged for deletion if the trace of its state covariance matrix is higher than :py:attr:`~covar_trace_thresh`. Parameters ---------- track : Track A track object to be checked for deletion. Returns ------- bool `True` if track should be deleted, `False` otherwise. """ diagonals = np.diag(track.state.covar) if self.mapping: track_covar_trace = np.sum(diagonals[self.mapping]) else: track_covar_trace = np.sum(diagonals) if track_covar_trace > self.covar_trace_thresh: return True return False