Source code for stonesoup.deleter.base

from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Set

from ..base import Base, Property
from ..types.track import Track
from ..types.update import Update

[docs] class Deleter(Base): """Deleter base class. Proposes tracks for deletion. """ delete_last_pred: bool = Property(default=False, doc="Remove the state that caused a track to " "be deleted if it is a prediction.")
[docs] @abstractmethod def check_for_deletion(self, track: Track, **kwargs) -> bool: """Check if a given track should be deleted. Parameters ---------- track : Track A track object to be checked for deletion. Returns ------- bool `True` if track should be deleted, `False` otherwise. """ pass
[docs] def delete_tracks(self, tracks: Set[Track], **kwargs) -> Set[Track]: """Generic/Base track deletion method. Iterates through all tracks in a given list and calls :meth:`~check_for_deletion` to determine which tracks should be deleted and which should survive. Parameters ---------- tracks : set of :class:`~.Track` A set of :class:`~.Track` objects Returns ------- : set of :class:`~.Track` Set of tracks proposed for deletion. """ tracks_to_delete = {track for track in tracks if self.check_for_deletion(track, **kwargs)} if self.delete_last_pred: for track in tracks_to_delete: if not isinstance(track[-1], Update): del track[-1] del track.metadatas[-1] return tracks_to_delete