Source code for stonesoup.dataassociator.base

import datetime
from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Set, Mapping

from ..base import Base, Property
from ..hypothesiser import Hypothesiser
from ..types.detection import Detection
from ..types.hypothesis import Hypothesis
from ..types.track import Track

[docs] class DataAssociator(Base): """Data Associator base class A data associator is used to associate tracks and detections, and may also include an association of a missed detection. The associations generate are in the form a mapping each track to a hypothesis, based on "best" choice from hypotheses generate from a :class:`~.Hypothesiser`. """ hypothesiser: Hypothesiser = Property( doc="Generate a set of hypotheses for each track-detection pair") def generate_hypotheses(self, tracks, detections, timestamp, **kwargs): return {track: self.hypothesiser.hypothesise( track, detections, timestamp, **kwargs) for track in tracks}
[docs] @abstractmethod def associate(self, tracks: Set[Track], detections: Set[Detection], timestamp: datetime.datetime, **kwargs) -> Mapping[Track, Hypothesis]: """Associate tracks and detections Parameters ---------- tracks : set of :class:`~.Track` Tracks which detections will be associated to. detections : set of :class:`~.Detection` Detections to be associated to tracks. timestamp : datetime.datetime Timestamp to be used for missed detections and to predict to. Returns ------- : mapping of :class:`~.Track` : :class:`~.Hypothesis` Mapping of track to Hypothesis """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] class Associator(Base): """Associator base class An associator is used to associate objects for the generation of metrics. It returns a :class:`~.AssociationSet` containing a set of :class:`~.Association` objects. """
[docs] class TrackToTrackAssociator(Associator): """Associates two sets of :class:`~.Track` objects together"""