Source code for stonesoup.types.metric

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import datetime

import typing

from .base import Type
from .time import TimeRange
from ..base import Property

[docs]class Metric(Type): """Metric type""" title: str = Property(doc='Name of the metric') value: typing.Any = Property(doc='Value of the metric') generator: typing.Any = Property(doc='Generator used to create the metric')
[docs]class PlottingMetric(Metric): """Metric which is to be visualised as plot, value should be a pyplot figure"""
[docs]class SingleTimeMetric(Metric): """Metric for a specific timestamp""" timestamp: datetime.datetime = Property( default=None, doc="Timestamp of the state. Default None.")
[docs]class TimeRangeMetric(Metric): """ Metric for a range of times (e.g. for example an entire run)""" time_range: TimeRange = Property( default=None, doc="Time range over which metric assessment will be conducted over. Default is None")
[docs]class TimeRangePlottingMetric(TimeRangeMetric, PlottingMetric): """Plotting metric covering a period of time"""
[docs]class SingleTimePlottingMetric(SingleTimeMetric, PlottingMetric): """Plotting metric covering a specific timestamp"""