Source code for stonesoup.metricgenerator.manager

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from itertools import chain
from typing import Sequence, Iterable, Union

from .base import MetricManager, MetricGenerator
from ..base import Property
from ..dataassociator import Associator
from ..platform import Platform
from ..types.detection import Detection
from ..types.groundtruth import GroundTruthPath
from ..types.track import Track

[docs]class SimpleManager(MetricManager): """SimpleManager class for metric management Simple :class:`~.MetricManager` for the generation of metrics on multiple :class:`~.Track`, :class:`~.Detection` and :class:`~.GroundTruthPath` objects. """ generators: Sequence[MetricGenerator] = Property(doc='List of generators to use', default=None) associator: Associator = Property(doc="Associator to combine tracks and truth", default=None) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.tracks = set() self.groundtruth_paths = set() self.detections = set() self.association_set = None
[docs] def add_data(self, groundtruth_paths: Iterable[Union[GroundTruthPath, Platform]] = None, tracks: Iterable[Track] = None, detections: Iterable[Detection] = None, overwrite=True): """Adds data to the metric generator Parameters ---------- groundtruth_paths : list or set of :class:`~.GroundTruthPath` Ground truth paths to be added to the manager. tracks : list or set of :class:`~.Track` Tracks objects to be added to the manager. detections : list or set of :class:`~.Detection` Detections to be added to the manager. overwrite: bool declaring whether pre-existing data will be overwritten. Note that overwriting one field (e.g. tracks) does not affect the others """ self._add(overwrite, groundtruth_paths=groundtruth_paths, tracks=tracks, detections=detections)
def _add(self, overwrite, **kwargs): for key, value in kwargs.items(): if value is not None: if overwrite: setattr(self, key, set(value)) else: getattr(self, key).update(value)
[docs] def associate_tracks(self): """Associate tracks to truth using the associator The resultant :class:`~.AssociationSet` internally. """ self.association_set = self.associator.associate_tracks( self.tracks, self.groundtruth_paths)
[docs] def generate_metrics(self): """Generate metrics using the generators and data that has been added Returns ---------- : set of :class:`~.Metric` Metrics generated """ if self.associator is not None and self.association_set is None: self.associate_tracks() metrics = {} for generator in self.generators: metric_list = generator.compute_metric(self) # If not already a list, force it to be one below if not isinstance(metric_list, list): metric_list = [metric_list] for metric in metric_list: metrics[metric.title] = metric return metrics
[docs] def list_timestamps(self): """List all the timestamps used in the tracks and truth, in order Returns ---------- : list of :class:`datetime.datetime` unique timestamps present in the internal tracks and truths. """ # Make a list of all the unique timestamps used timestamps = {state.timestamp for sequence in chain(self.tracks, self.groundtruth_paths) for state in sequence} return sorted(timestamps)