Source code for stonesoup.sensor.passive

import numpy as np

from ..base import Property
from ..models.measurement.nonlinear import CartesianToElevationBearing
from ..sensor.sensor import SimpleSensor
from ..types.array import CovarianceMatrix
from ..types.groundtruth import GroundTruthState

[docs]class PassiveElevationBearing(SimpleSensor): """A simple passive sensor that generates measurements of targets, using a :class:`~.CartesianToElevationBearing` model, relative to its position. Note ---- The current implementation of this class assumes a 3D Cartesian plane. """ ndim_state: int = Property( doc="Number of state dimensions. This is utilised by (and follows in\ format) the underlying :class:`~.CartesianToElevationBearing`\ model") mapping: np.ndarray = Property( doc="Mapping between the targets state space and the sensors\ measurement capability") noise_covar: CovarianceMatrix = Property( doc="The sensor noise covariance matrix. This is utilised by\ (and follow in format) the underlying \ :class:`~.CartesianToElevationBearing` model") @property def measurement_model(self): return CartesianToElevationBearing( ndim_state=self.ndim_state, mapping=self.mapping, noise_covar=self.noise_covar, translation_offset=self.position, rotation_offset=self.orientation) def is_detectable(self, state: GroundTruthState) -> bool: return True