Source code for stonesoup.gater.distance

from ..base import Property
from ..measures import Measure
from ..types.multihypothesis import MultipleHypothesis
from .base import Gater

[docs]class DistanceGater(Gater): """ Distance based gater Uses a measure to calculate the distance between a hypothesis' measurement prediction and the hypothised measurement, then removes any hypotheses whose calculated distance exceeds the specified gate threshold. """ measure: Measure = Property( doc="Measure class used to calculate the distance between the measurement " "prediction and the hypothesised measurement.") gate_threshold: float = Property( doc="The gate threshold. Hypotheses whose calculated distance " "exceeds this threshold will be filtered out.")
[docs] def hypothesise(self, track, detections, *args, **kwargs): hypotheses = self.hypothesiser.hypothesise(track, detections, *args, **kwargs) gated_hypotheses = [hypothesis for hypothesis in hypotheses if (not hypothesis or self.measure(hypothesis.measurement_prediction, hypothesis.measurement) < self.gate_threshold)] return MultipleHypothesis(sorted(gated_hypotheses, reverse=True))